Exterior photograph of the entry of a residential house in Seattle, WA.

This simple composition was designed for a couple that sought a quiet respite on a wooded view lot north of Seattle. An open but intimate living space on the upper level is carefully composed to capture views of woods, shipping lanes, and the Olympic mountains beyond. Kitchen, living and dining spaces flow together with minimal demarcation. Natural light is balanced and abundant. An open stair descends to the bedroom and terrace level sharing a window wall and view with the spaces above.

Corner window shines up the modern living room and keeps nature close to the space.
Exterior night photograph of a house in Seattle, WA.
Photograph of the top of the staircase; the space the space is airy, wide always connect the upper floor rooms.
Midcentury furnished corner space with little library shelf; the space allows to have some quiet time and enjoy to view through the floor to ceiling windows.