An exterior photograph of a contemporary designed ranch with farm style interiors; the buildings become a part of the view, the gabled roofs mimicking the surrounding mountains.
View from a distance showcasing the material choices and how they are enveloped into the surrounding environment visually.
An exterior view of a dwelling with gabled black raised rib metal roof mimicking the surrounding mountains.
Interior photograph of the living room with stone fireplace; heavy furnitures and dark color dominate the space.
A kitchen island with green shaker cabinets that are adorned with brass handles sits parallel with cabinets of identical style painted a dark turquoise and accompanying a stainless steel range while peering out through windows to an open prairie.
Breakfast at a large wooden table with direct view at the mountains.
Symmetrical shot of the gabbled roof covering a porch with an open air seating area.
Farm style tub is centered on a window showcases the spectacular exterior environment.
Close detail shot of a bathroom; the white wood siding on the wall, ceramic sink and nature illustrations  bring a farm house feeling into the space.
Another covered porch to enjoy the view; the dark sided ranch house reflects the feeling of the pine covered mountains.
The outdoor space is sheltered by the two ranch buildings of the ranch as well as the surrounding mountains.
Hand drawn site plan of the ranch of the two building's parts are connected with an open outdoor space; the orientation of the design concept follows elevation lines.
Open sided wooden shed and garage shot from the road.
The lowest peak of the view; the roof visually becomes part of the landscape.