Exterior photograph of a family getaway house in Long Beach, WA, concrete pavilions stand around the three-part beach house.
Exterior photograph of a part of the beach house; from the large gabled roof shape a line of dormers peaks out with a crows nest atop.
An exterior detail photograph of the grandiose beach ouse, the house seems to be a taller grass-covered dune in the purple dusk light.
Beach house style large interior living space; opened design kitchen, dining and living room area with high ceiling.
Comfortable living area with wooden bookshelf in the back as part of the staircase; metal columns divide the space and create a walk path.
Hand-drawn elevation of the front facade of a family getaway house.
Hand-drawn elevation of the east (back) facade of a family getaway house.
Exterior photograph of a beach house in Longbeach, WA.
Wooden lookout structure at the beach in Long Beach, WA.