Evening view to the water from San Juan Islands, WA.
Oversized wooden dutch door leads the way into the house; the entryway has a long built-in bench to provide a comfortable arrival to the house.
Exterior photograph of a shingle sided, gable roof beach house, the material choices clearly fits into the natural environment, no disturbance just peacefulness.
Visually heavy architectural and interior choices create the coziest living room for family getaways, timber posts and beams run across the space, stone fireplace pins the warmest spot of the room.
Kitchen with natural wood cabinetry, symmetrically placed windows provide natural light in the space and a generously sized stove and hood give a warm feeling to the space.
Cozy bedroom detail shot with stone fireplace and quilted blanket.
Exterior evening photograph of the cabin, the interior lights shine through the windows and give the coziest cabin feeling.