Exterior photo of a contemporary residential house in Seattle, WA.

This new home and studio for an uber-hobbyist sits quietly within a well established single-family neighborhood. At the center of the house is a large two-story central workspace, bathed in natural light by ample windows and skylights. Home and studio space is woven together, with loft-like living quarters wrapping around and overlooking the workspace. The two-story volume is a flexible space designed to support a variety of metal working needs.

A structurally expressive interior of raw steel, large industrial windows and precise architectural concrete walls is cloaked in a modest masonry exterior. In keeping with the scale of its neighbors, the house bunkers into the landscape with one workshop space completely underground. This plan provides the workshop with an on-grade access at the front of the house, and the upper-level living quarters access to a private garden in the back.

Interior photograph of a uniquely designed industrial open space with living space around.
The two story tall work space is designed with tall concrete walls and steel structure.
As the stair leads the way up, we arrive to the dining area; contemporary furnitures color the mostly concrete space.
Custom designed contemporary bookshelf divides the dining room and the living area space, the kitchen materials in the back let the red dining table and shelves dominate in the opened space.
The opened steel structural hallway leads to a bedroom with glass sliding doors.
Industrial materials dominate the space: stainless steel structures, glass walls, wooden floor, large windows.
Opened backyard accessible from upper floor; the garden and walk path have a direct view into the two story high workspace.