Exterior photograph taken from the street of a flat roofed home with horizontal wood siding that nestled behind a lightly unkempt coniferous hedge in Seattle.

Elegant garden path that leads to the main entrance of a home that veers to the right following a concrete wall.
Spacious covered dark wooden terrace that has a horizontal slatted wooden sunscreen, two sliding doors situated on a corner, and a pair of contemporary lounge chairs.
Spacious contemporary kitchen that utilizes a mixture of white oak cabinets and dark gray cabinetry faces paired with white counters to generate a warm and salubrious space.
Interior photograph of a modern living room and kitchen with dominant themes of subdued grays, natural white oak, concrete, and glass.
Elevated interior loft view peering down an open stairwell that is flanked on one side with a bookcase with the loft itself containing a burnt orange lounge chair with ottoman that is paired with a dark gray couch.
Modern living room that peers out onto the private veranda via two sets of sliding glass doors with a fireplace as the central focal point.
Interior photograph of a modern house in Seattle. Grey sofa and wood bookshelf can be seen in background.
Interior photograph of a modern house with wood floors and dark gray kitchen cabinetry with clerestory windows seen above.
Interior view from primary room into the primary bathroom that peers alongside the glass curtain wall the separates the interior space from the exterior private garden.
Exterior view that peers up from primary space private garden to an elevated secluded seating area that has two with lounge chairs.
Exterior view of a home taken from the landscaped backyard showing blackened horizontal siding and horizontally slatted sunscreen.