Exterior view of a home with gray facade and blackened steal and glass windows with sweeping views of water.

Eschewing convention, Southpaw sits perpendicular to the water, exposing its broadside to the south. In doing so, the house soaks up the sun and establishes a large, formal entry garden that overlooks Lake Washington. Seven paired doors connect the house to the garden, which becomes an architectural extension of house.

Southpaw is both classic and modern. Design concepts are pared to their essence, a basic composition of a box and a wall. The box solid and rigorous in proportion and order. The wall defining a double-height space between itself and the box. Daylight, from a large skylight over the stair and full height steel windows at each end reflects from the wall and feeds light into the north side of the house in ever changing patterns.

Front view of the house with large windows; the interior and exterior lights provide a warm tone to the building.
An exterior view from the back terrace peering back toward the dwelling past a reflection pool and stone staircase.
The symmetrical large windows and door provide a modern and classic aesthetic to the facade of the dwelling.
Interior view of a wooden and steel staircase with concrete walls in the back gives a contemporary aesthetic to the space.
Farm style kitchen with steel and wooden beam ceiling structure;  vintage style kitchen island divides the space.
Rust-colored walls with collectible art pieces leads the guests to the interior stairwell.
Living and dining space with warm interior color range provides a cozy feeling and leads to views of an expanse of water through the large glass doorways.
The red plush furniture pieces give a strong eclectic style to the living room which has a direct connection to the modern office space.
Detail photograph of hallway and stair space; colorful interior furniture pieces lead to the steel structure staircase.
Interior contemporary office with larges scale glass curtain wall and concrete wall perpendicular.
Exterior photograph of the garden; the opened doors creates a strong connection to the garden.
Photograph of floor to ceiling windows flanking a large wooden entry door on either side.
Sunset photograph of an exterior dining table in side garden with direct view the water.