Exterior photograph of a contemporary residential home in Seattle, WA; the dark and light surfaces continually switch each other throughout the exterior and interior space.
The dark color continues on the walking surfaces: a dark staircase sits on white surface as it leads the way up.
Comfortable seating area appears next to the dining space, the open floor design runs into three symmetrically placed double doors in order to extend the interior space.
Horizontal and vertical layers of white and black surfaces meet at the dining room; in the form of flooring, walls and furniture, the transparent dining chairs are discreetly present.
The focus is on a white seated breakfast nook that is freely connected to the living room.
The kitchen and pantry are designed with lots of storage space; the neutral white surfaces almost become one continues line over the dark flooring.
Interior bathroom with double sink and wooden, flooding cabinetry; the symmetrical design and the reserved color choice keep the space very clean and organized.